Thursday, June 5, 2014


by Zoe Archer


he is an EX-SOLDIER!

she belongs to a SECRET SOCIETY!

this is a ROMANCE!

but it has a lot of ADVENTURE!

and MAGIC!


I liked all of that MONGOLIA!

she's no prude she wants to be an ADVENTURESS!

and also his WIFE!

he's your basic decent studly alpha male STEREOTYPE!

his eyes, his skin, his hair are colored in shades of GOLD!

he apparently smells like the WIND!

she is an accomplished ARCHER!

she really knows how to use a GUN!

also, she sure knows how to ride a HORSE!

the story was like a classic fast-paced ADVENTURE MOVIE!

the feel of this book is decidedly OLD-FASHIONED!

except he frequently mentions his stiff COCK!

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