Monday, November 4, 2013


by Douglas Clegg

Iris Villiers loves her brother Harvey, perhaps too well. unfortunately for them, they now live at Belarion Hall, in Cornwall - an estate much whispered about, old sinister tales, people transformed, the dead called back... can such things be true? the pair shall soon find out. but first, some time in a play. their roles: Isis and Osiris...


Clegg paints a story just right. the tale is highly atmospheric and the prose is often quite lovely. I found myself lost in dreamy contemplation of a haunted Cornish coast, sheltered youths wandering throughout a Gothic mansion, dark and windy nights, playing blindsman's bluff to conjure the dead, overgrown gardens and subterranean burial chambers. this is the sort of story where I hold its brevity against it - I wanted to live in this world so much longer than I did. although I did not care for the ending and the description of heaven was equal parts enchanting and eye-rolling, this is still a supernatural tale that I would recommend to all fans of the more classic style of horror.

the illustrations are wonderful. kudos to the artist Glenn Chadbourne!

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