Thursday, October 10, 2013

Goodreads Deletions

Hi Mark,
Your reviews of the following books were recently flagged by Goodreads members as potentially off-topic:

As the reviews are not about the books in question, they have been removed from the site. You can find the text of the reviews attached for your personal records.

If you continue to post content like this, your account may come under review for removal.
The Goodreads Team
reviews were posted shortly after and in response to Goodreads' announcement of a policy shift on reviews.
text of reviews deleted:
All Flesh is Grass, and so are all websites consumed by greed. I mean srsly, did you check out that twitter post from that one goodreads author showing how much this website is invested in making this an author-centric website? and how little it cares about the folks who actually produce content for this website? Simak would not approve!
the first wave was The Golden Agers and that's David and his buddies. the second wave was The Silver Agers and that's probably Nancy & Kemper & Dan and them. the third wave is just Stephen, he deserves his own wave. now he's gone, thanks a lot mean Golden Agers for driving him away. the fourth wave is Katrina Lumsden and her review for 50 Shades of Grey. the fifth wave will be all those people still to come who will write 5 stars review for all of the authors who pay Goodreads to merchandise their books and to drive away all those nasty reviewers who are mean to them and make mean shelves all about them. cause it's all about them. the sixth wave will be the Goodreads Apocalypse!


The Void; or, what lurks at the heart of Goodreads' new policy of censorship.


Moomins Cookbook, by Tove Jansson

I heard somewhere that Tove Jansson had a lot of orgies with the Moomins. and a fat ass. well, not that she had an orgy that included an overweight donkey, but rather that baby got some back, you know?



An Uncommon Whore, by Belinda McBride

An Uncommon Whore; Or, The Story of Goodreads' Acquisition by Amazon
by Belinda McBride (Goodreads Author)


[spoiler tag] I am actually quite enthusiastic about reading this one! it looks enjoyable. but I really couldn't resist using the title for my own sordid little joke. [spoiler tag]    


  1. It has become clear that GR has no sense of humor.

  2. indeed! it goes so well with their draconian corporate style. a perfect match!

  3. I find their lack of a sense of humor . . . well, laughable.

  4. By the way, Mark, are you on Booklikes?

  5. I am! right here: